TatTech, Where Tattoos Meet Tech

Mon, Mar 14, 2022 6:18 PM


TatTech – Where Tattoos meet Tech

Perhaps some of us are unaware, but the global tattoo industry is one of the most prosperous businesses in the world. Data shows more than 3 billion people have tattoos and estimates depict a heavy majority of 80% is currently considering their next tattoo. It is in this sphere - which welcomes people from all walks of life with open arms - where TatTech wants to make its mark.

Through the use of technology such as social media, metaverse, and online marketing, TatTech wants to revolutionize the tattoo industry and capture the audience of tattoo-lovers and all the tens and billions of goods and services they consume. At its core, TatTech has been designed to function as a two-sided marketplace for both artists and collectors. 

Since launching, we have registered over 17,000 tattoo artists and 190,000 collectors! - CEO TatTech Mike Morgan 

These numbers are growing daily, and the end goal is to become the technology leader in the worldwide tattoo industry for tattoo artists, collectors, shop owners, event organizers, and sponsors. Our focus is on developing an explicit data acquisition strategy. Already, we have laid a solid foundation to achieve long-term success with our highly diverse and experienced team, creating a strategic monetization approach matching match users for financial or marketplace transactions to create value. We have already successfully raised a million dollars and to realize our set goals, we are looking to generate another 30 million which will help us increase our revenue streams to 10.

TatTech has been able to penetrate the market swiftly due to its superiority in terms of features over its competitors, accurate detection of the problems, and providing simple solutions to the community. The complexity of the situation was that the problem had two sides but was essentially a single one: both users and artists needed help finding each other. Research showed more than 90% of the users would find a tattoo artists’ directory helpful while an overwhelming majority of artists were willing to spend money on marketing.  TatTech has solved this fundamental problem and has made profits and increased sales for its sponsors and advertisers too. 

Our flagship project for the past years has been the Tattoo Awards. With a dedicated website, the platform’s purpose is to acknowledge outstanding artists and to facilitate tattoo collectors in finding great artwork. Packed with features, users can vote on challenges and earn awards, recognition and community credibility through engagement. You can purchase merchandise from the TatTech shop, find out where conventions are happening and purchase tickets.

To conclude, the idea has been a general success and is widely anticipated to grow even more in the near and distant future. We engage almost a million people every month through our social platforms with the numbers growing every quarter. With the ambitious goal to increase our market cap to over 260 million, the dedicated team at TatTech is working hard to achieve this target.

VISIT our official links to find out more:

Website: http://tattech.com/ 

Tattoo Awards platform: https://tattooawards.com/ 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVA1gJGZ1HXiTQzLYgrzHRQ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tattooawardsdotcom/ 

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