Recognizing and rewarding excellence in tattoo art: Tattooawards.com’s value to artists, collectors, and event organizers

Founded in 2018, TattooAwards.com is a tattoo awards, discovery, and reputation platform designed to be a meeting point for tattoo artists, collectors, and enthusiasts; where users from across the globe can go to find inspiration, impart knowledge and experience, connect, and vote for the best tattoos in the world. Our goal is to magnify the true value in tattoo art — and we intend to do this by having the best platform that exists for tattoo artists and collectors to not only categorize and display their work, but also to be recognized and rewarded for their artwork by the global tattooing community.

Our purpose: The tattoo industry, the internet, and the decline of the traditional brick & mortar business

As anyone working in the tattooing industry can attest, the internet has had a major effect on the industry, in an interesting way. While traditional brick and mortar stores increasingly vacate to sell their products online, hybrid businesses, who cannot conduct business solely online — such as tattoo artists — are left in a unique position.

Tattoo artists typically operate from small shops or parlors, relying on foot traffic and word of mouth to generate business. Every year this business model becomes less and less reliable, leading many artists to take to the internet and social media in an attempt to increase client acquisition and gain notoriety for their artwork.

The power of recognition and reputation online and in tattooing

According to StatisticBrain, “49% of people with tattoos believe that the reputation of the tattoo artist or tattoo studio is the most important factor when choosing where to get a tattoo.” Reputation is of the utmost importance in the tattoo industry, and our goal is to get tattoo artists and collectors recognized for one thing: their artwork. Using the SEO capabilities of our web platform entwined with viral social media components, we’ve built a platform designed to make tattoos famous!