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Crowned Raven Tattoo,Inc.

991 Lincolnway W, Osceola, IN 46561, USA
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Our Custom Tattoo Studio strives to be one of the top tattoo tattoo studios in Northern Indiana and bring you some of the areas finest tattoo artists. Our artists have brought Michiana some of the most cutting edge tattoos. Our team of expert tattoo artists brings their unique perspectives to our studio. Clients are welcome to bring in ideas from any source or simply give us a description and a preferred style for the tattoo design. If you're unsure of which artist to book with just let us know and we can assign the perfect artist to create your artwork. We enjoy giving our clients the work of art they are dreaming of. Whether it is your first tattoo or another piece to add your canvas, Crowned Raven Tattoo can fulfill all of your tattoo needs. In addition to design work, we provide top quality tattoo cover up and restoration. Click through our site to see for yourself! Sterility Cleanliness is very important to all of us which is why Crowned Raven Tattoo and Piercing studio is one of the cleanest and most sterile tattoo studios around. Keeping our clients safe , comfortable and relaxed is our main priority. All needles used are single use, pre-packaged, pre-sterilized and disposable, nothing is used twice. Disposable waterproof sheets are used on the clients chair we work off of for each client. We take sterility very seriously and guarantee that your tattoo experience will be the cleanest and safest yet. Quality We use nothing but the best equipment and supplies to ensure sterility , safety and quality. The owners of Crowned Raven Tattoo do extensive research on each product and company We purchase from to make sure everything is top of the line. We regularly check for expired and recalled tattoo supplies. Vegan All Ink used is vegan friendly, sterile , and not tested on animals.
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991 Lincolnway W, Osceola, IN 46561, USA