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Robie Tattooing

Leesburg, FL 34789, USA
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I come to you. Professional and very clean sterile, all needles are new and are packaged and identify as sterile and always opened in front of clients. Only top quality inks are used and all precautions are taken to prevent contamination. Portable massage table, stand to brace limbs ( examples: arms & legs) at a comfortable position, always courteous and respectful. My goal is to provide you a great piece of art and an awesome experience. And always at a great price as a result of having no shop, this allows more freedom on artwork no shop restrictions or owners limitations and boundaries , no shop adding their cut and in return we both win, I can provide a more affordable quality tattoo and you won't feel taken advantage of and leave with an empty wallet. I charge hourly rate, piece rate, and I have been known to do a tap out flat price (for a flat price I will tattoo until you can't take any more or tap out) I do this sometimes for previous returning clients, I also can provide a rate for a tattoo party (this is normally for a small group of people who are going to get tattooed normally around 4 to 6 people tops depending on what's getting done, tattoos need to be restricted on size and detail to ensure everyone gets their tattoo and everything gets done in a reasonable time and within a allotted time). Please feel free to contact me either by text, call, email, we can schedule a time to do a consultation and often depending on what we are doing I can often tattoo that same day, I have plenty of books and tattoo flash to inspire and choose from. And the internet is slammed full of reference material that is always a good place to find what you want. Contact me at: email: [email protected] Phone: 772-404-8187 call or text (please leave a message and I will get right back to you)
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Leesburg, FL 34789, USA