How Are the 2019 People’s Choice Leaderboard Points Awarded?

How Are the 2019 People’s Choice Leaderboard Points Awarded?

Instead of purely tracking votes like we did last year in the 2018 People’s Choice, the 2019 People's Choice leaderboard converts votes into points. This was primarily to make things easier, mathematically, with the new 2019 leaderboard additions.

The 2019 People’s Choice Progressive Jackpot System

Perhaps the most important update to our leaderboards in 2019 is the addition of the Progressive Jackpot system. This is exclusive to the People’s Choice leaderboard, and it means that the higher amount of total votes there are in a competition, the more points will be added to the jackpot and awarded to the top artists in the competition.

All points go into a prize pool and get distributed among winners when the competition ends based on their position when the competition ends. This can make points jump up and down quite a bit on the leaderboard throughout the course of a competition, however, it makes things more exciting overall and gives more artists incentive to participate in our competitions.

What do the decimals on votes mean?

Decimals on votes are the result of something added with the 2019 leaderboards called "diminishing returns." This means that the same user voting on tattoos from the same artist in the same competition are worth 20% less per vote. To illustrate, it ends up looking like this:

The 1st vote for an artist in a competition is worth 1 point,

the 2nd vote for the same artist in the same competition is worth 0.8 points,

the 3rd vote for the same artist in the same competition is worth 0.6 points, and so on and so forth, until it reaches 0.2 points per vote, where it will no longer be able to diminish any further.

Once that user votes for a different tattoo from the same artist in a different competition, the counter is reset and their vote will be worth one full point again – meaning it's specific to an artist and a competition.

This is to prevent an issue we had last year of one artist of potentially entering an unlimited amount of tattoos into the same competition. We want to encourage artists to upload specific, thought-out tattoos into each competition and be able to spend more time promoting those respective tattoos, instead of having to worry about uploading more and more submissions in order to compete. We feel the raw number of tattoos in a competition shouldn't be as large a factor in winning as it was in 2018, and this is our solution to that issue, without flat out restricting the number of submissions from an artist per competition.

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