How Do I Gain Points On Tattoo Awards?

There Are Many Ways To Gain Points on Tattoo Awards

Some of these include:

1) Finishing all of the "Complete Your Profile" steps. The specific amount of points received for each profile completion action are displayed on your Edit Profile page.

2) Winning/placing in real-world tattoo competitions at participating events all across the world (Villain Arts conventions, for example). We partner and collect data from a significant amount of tattoo events globally and are always working to partner with more events. Points gained from tattoo convention competitions count toward the Touring Artist Cup Leaderboard and the Artist of the Year Leaderboard.

3) Gaining votes on your tattoo submissions. Every vote you get on tattoos entered into our online competitions give you points toward the People's Choice Leaderboard and the Artist of the Year Leaderboard. For a more detailed breakdown of how points are gained from your votes on the People's Choice and Artist of the Year Leaderboards, see our FAQ article about it here.

4) New in 2019, you can now gain points by entering exclusive monthly Judge's Choice Leaderboard competitions. These competitions occur once per month. Tattoos entered into this competitions are not voted on, but judged by a hand-picked panel of industry leaders on a sliding scale. Attaining a winning position in a Judge's Choice competition awards a significant amount of points, reflective of the level of difficulty present in winning these competitions.

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