How do I gain points?

There are currently 2 methods of gaining points on Tattoo Awards:

1) Winning/placing in real-world tattoo competitions at participating events all across the country (Villain Arts conventions, for example) We partner and collect data from a significant amount of tattoo events in the US and are always working to partner with more events.

2) Finishing all of the "Complete Your Profile" steps.

Currently, the amount of points received from a competition win breaks down as follows:

Best of Show

1st: 500 points

2nd: 300 points

3rd: 200 points

4th: 150 points

5th: 100 points

Tattoo of the Day

1st: 310 points

2nd: 150 points

3rd: 130 points

4th: 100 points

5th: 80 points

All Other Categories

1st: 260 points

2nd: 100 points

3rd: 80 points

4th: 60 points

5th: 50 points

Please keep in mind that there are certain events that cannot adhere to these points guidelines. For example: many shows don’t have 1st-5th winning positions, ONLY having 1st place winning positions instead. In these situations, point assignments will vary from what is displayed above and modified by a panel of qualified judges to keep the system balanced.

There will likely be more ways to earn points in the near future as new features continue to be released. Stay tuned!

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