How Do the Tattoo Awards Leaderboards Work?

How Does Tattoo Awards Work, and What's With All the Leaderboards?

With the addition of the Judge's Choice Leaderboard and Artist of the Year Leaderboard in 2019, we now have a total of 4 different leaderboards. That being the case, we feel it's important that we clarify the differences in function and purpose between each of them, so artists and users alike can have a better idea of exactly how things work on Tattoo Awards.

Artist of the Year

The Artist of the Year Leaderboard was added in 2019, and is intended to be the king of all leaderboards on our site. The Artist of the Year competition is exactly what its name implies: it aims to crown the undisputed best tattoo artists of the year. It does this through a specially weighted accumulation of all 3 of the other leaderboards. The Touring Artist Cup is the most heavily weighted leaderboard in the Tattoo Artist of the Year, with 50% of its point contributions going towards it. This means that if you acquired 1,000 points Touring Artist Cup Leaderboard, you would also gain 500 points on the Artist of the Year Leaderboard. Likewise, the People's Choice and Judge's Choice leaderboards make up the rest, both weighted at 25% each. So, as another example, if you won 1,000 points in the People's Choice or Judge's Choice leaderboards, you would be awarded 250 points in the Artist of the Year.

Put simply, the Artist of the Year Leaderboard is a dynamic roll-up of all of the other leaderboards on our site.

The Touring Artist Cup

The goal of the Touring Artist Cup Leaderboard is to highlight tattoo artists who are on the road travelling to tattoo conventions often months out of the year, showcasing their tattoo art and building their reputations. Ranking on the Touring Artist Cup Leaderboard reflects that an artist is highly decorated and has won many awards at a large number of live tattoo convention competitions. The Touring Artist Cup is also the most heavily weighted leaderboard in respect to its point contribution to Tattoo Artist of the Year. 50% of all points won through the Touring Artist Cup also count for an artist toward the Artist of the Year. This is due to the inherently higher difficulty level associated with winning points on this particular leaderboard. Not only do you have to physically travel to tattoo conventions (often great distances for attending artists), but you need to enter and win at these conventions.

The People's Choice

The People’s Choice Leaderboard is intended to allow artists who showcase their artwork primarily online a way participate with our platform, and introduces a fun new way to keep their social media following engaged with their artwork. Artists who rank highly on this leaderboard have tattoos that are trending often both on our website and on social media. Earning points on the People's Choice Leaderboard are based on the number of votes a tattoo receives, and each vote is then converted into points by our system. Additionally, People's Choice voting competitions use a point-distribution system called a progressive jackpot. This means that the higher amount of total votes there are in a competition, the more points will be added to the prize pool and awarded to the top artists in the competition. This can make points jump up and down quite a bit on the leaderboard throughout the course of a competition. This makes these competitions more exciting overall and gives more artists incentive to participate in our competitions. To see specifically how votes are converted into points on the People's Choice Leaderboard, please view our detailed article on it here.

The Judge's Choice

The Judge's Choice Leaderboard is the other new addition to 2019. We wanted there to be another way for artists to participate on Tattoo Awards strictly online without having to rely so heavily on votes. The Judge's Choice was our solution to that problem. These competitions occur once per month, and tattoos entered into this competitions are not voted on, but are judged by a hand-picked panel of industry leaders, using a sliding scale judging system. Attaining a winning position in a Judge's Choice competition awards a significant amount of points, reflective of the level of difficulty present in winning these competitions. Similarly to the People's Choice, this leaderboard is weighted at 25% toward the Artist of the Year, so if you won 2,000 points through a Judge's Choice competition, 500 of those points would also count toward your ranking in the Artist of the Year.

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