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How to Best Tag Your Tattoos on Tattoo Awards

Before diving into specific tagging advice below, take a minute to read through this preliminary information for how tags on Tattoo Awards are used, and how they can benefit you and your artwork:

Tattoo Awards utilizes its tagging system to sort and organize tattoos for the purpose of searching and viewing by users of our site for a specific kind of tattoo. For example: if a user searches for “cat tattoos”, and you’ve put the “cat” tag on your tattoo submission (that hopefully is, indeed, a cat), your cat tattoo will be a result of this search.

Tagging tattoo submissions thoughtfully makes it easier for everyone to find the tattoo art they’re looking for. Also note: on Tattoo Awards, it’s not necessary to use the “#” symbol when adding tags to your images – the system will do this automatically for you. Simply type your keyword(s) and then type a comma (,) or press enter to create a tag. If you make a mistake during tagging, you can just press the backspace key to remove the previous tag or click the ‘X’ of the individual tag you’d like to remove.

Tagging Tattoos: Best Practices

Similarly to choosing the best hashtags on social media, it’s beneficial for both you (the uploader) and the users searching our tattoo database for you to add as many relevant keywords to your tattoo submission possible. Here are some examples of both GOOD and BAD tattoo tagging:


The Image:

The first tag to consider adding should be what type of tattoo it is. For example: “color," "black and grey," “realism,” “traditional,” or “color infused.”

Next, add tags to describe the specific tattoo and what's in it. It might be only one thing, such as a dragon, a star, flowers, roses, a character from pop culture, a movie, or a video game, or a koi fish. The more relevant descriptive keywords you can include, the better.

BAD tagging examples

#blackandgraytigerbacktattoo, #inklife, #tattooartist, #guyswithtattoos

Further explanation on BAD tags:

1) #blackandgraytigerbacktattoo

This is an ineffective tag because it essentially combines 3 separate categorizations into one “run-on” tag that is highly unlikely to appear in search results. Furthermore, if you chose the tattoo placement when uploading the tattoo image to Tattoo Awards, a tag for the tattoo’s placement is redundant and unnecessary. To get the best results, the uploader of this tattoo should set the placement when uploading to either “full back” or “middle back,” and use the separate tags: #black and gray, #tiger, and maybe add on some additional relevant identifiers to further categorize the image, such as #animal or #cat. Adding “tattoo” to the end of a tag is unnecessary on Tattoo Awards, since all images on our site are, inherently, images of tattoos – but it is not detrimental.

2) #inklife

While lifestyle hashtags can be popular and trend well on social media, the same rules do not apply when tagging on Tattoo Awards. Tag thoughtfully using words that describe the tattoo, and nothing else.

3) #tattooartist

Similar to the above lifestyle hashtag, this tag will be equally as ineffective, at least on Tattoo Awards. There is no need to identify yourself as a tattoo artist on Tattoo Awards, as your artist-specific account will already do this, and users will rarely, if ever, search for “tattoo artist” within our tattoo gallery. However, it can be helpful to include a tag for your shop/studio’s name, if you believe it will help your tattoos appear in more searches within the site. There’s no need to tag your own name either, since every tattoo you submit will automatically be associated with the name you use on your Tattoo Awards account.

4) #guyswithtattoos

Another lifestyle-type hashtag that can trend well on social media, but will be ineffective for users searching for your tattoos on Tattoo Awards. Once again, it is ideal to tag thoughtfully using words that describe the tattoo and nothing else.

GOOD tagging examples

Examples of good tags on Tattoo Awards for this tattoo would be #blackandgray, #realism, #tiger, #animal, #cat, and any other unique descriptors of the tattoo that you think users may search for while browsing tattoos on our site. Unlike social media hashtags where users can follow specific tags, Tattoo Awards uses its tagging system exclusively for users searching keywords. Keep it simple, use specific descriptors, don't overthink your tags, and you'll be just fine.

Thank you for reading, and remember: the better you tag tattoos, the easier it is for everyone to find your art work!

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