What is the difference between the Artists’ Cup and the People’s Choice?

The purpose of the Artists’ Cup is to highlight tattoo artists who are on the road often months out of the year, showcasing their work and building their reputation. Ranking on the Artists’ Cup leaderboard reflects that an artist is highly decorated and has won a lot of awards – at a large number of live events. Artists’ Cup leaderboard points CAN ALSO be earned by winning/placing in Tattoo Awards online competitions.

On the other hand, the goal of the People’s Choice is to allow artists who showcase their artwork primarily online a way participate in the same way, while interacting with their social media following! Artists who rank highly on this leaderboard have tattoos that are trending often both on our website and on social media.

Aside from the difference in purpose, each competition also awards different prizes. The Artist Cup awards $10,000 in cash and prizes to the grand winner, and the People’s Choice awards $10,000.

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