What Is the Judge's Choice Leaderboard?

About the Judge's Choice Leaderboard

The Judge's Choice is a new addition to our leaderboards in 2019. We wanted there to be another way for artists to participate on Tattoo Awards online without having to rely on votes. The Judge's Choice was our solution to that problem. These competitions occur once per month. Tattoos entered into these competitions are not voted on, and instead get judged by a hand-picked panel of industry leaders using a sliding scale judging system. Attaining a winning position in a Judge's Choice competition awards a significant amount of points, reflective of the level of difficulty present in winning these competitions. Similarly to the People's Choice, this leaderboard is weighted at 25% toward the Artist of the Year, so if you won 1,000 points through a Judge's Choice competition, 250 of those points would also count toward your ranking in the Artist of the Year.

Typically, Judge's Choice competitions will open near the end of each month and run for approximately a week, sometimes longer, depending on how many competition entries there are and how long it takes the judges to get through them all.

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