What Is the Touring Artist Cup?

About the Touring Artist Cup Leaderboard

The TattooAwards.com Touring Artist Cup is an annual competition leaderboard created to highlight the accolades of touring tattoo artists. After competing and placing at live brick-and-mortar convention events throughout the year (Villain Arts shows, for example), artists wins are automatically entered into our online system and placed on the leaderboard.

The goal of the Touring Artist Cup Leaderboard is to highlight tattoo artists who are on the road travelling to tattoo conventions often months out of the year, showcasing their tattoo art and building their reputations. Ranking on the Touring Artist Cup Leaderboard reflects that an artist is highly decorated and has won many awards at a large number of live tattoo convention competitions. The Touring Artist Cup is also the most heavily weighted leaderboard relative to point contribution to Tattoo Artist of the Year. 50% of all points won through the Touring Artist Cup also count for an artist toward the Artist of the Year. This is due to the inherently higher difficulty level associated with winning points on this particular leaderboard. Not only do you have to physically travel to tattoo conventions (often great distances for attending artists), but you need to enter and win at these conventions.

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