I’m a New Artist Registering On Your Website. Why/How Should I Use Tattoo Awards?

View your international rankings against the most-decorated tattoo artists in the world on our Tattoo Artist Leaderboard!

Our team travels to tattoo competitions across the world, collecting & showcasing the work of elite tattoo artists competing at live events. Thanks to the help of these events, Tattoo Awards is happy to say that we’re the first and only organization that is collecting and displaying tattoo contest winners from all over the world! Head over to our Leaderboards page to see where you rank on the Artist of the Year, People's Choice, Judge's Choice, and Touring Artist Cup Leaderboards!

Earn rewards for entering your tattoos into competitions & voting for your favorites.

Compete in competitions both online and offline for your chance to win cash, sponsor prizes, tattooing products and gear, and more! We always have several different competitions running every month, so there should never be a shortage of things for you to do.

Digitally immortalize your greatest works of art.

We want tattoo artists and collectors to be able to display their artwork to the world in a way that’s never been done before. That’s why Tattoo Awards features a search-engine friendly, customizable tattoo showcase made specifically for tattoo artists & collectors to get your artwork seen on the web. Not only that, but the Tattoo Awards platform offers tattoo artist a fun, unique way to keep past and potential clients engaged in their art work!

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