Top Tattoo Styles

9th of March 2022 10:12 AM

Since ancient times, in order to express oneself , a person has applied various decorations to his body. One of these decorations is a tattoo. People adorned themselves with tribal symbols, totem signs, images of gods and other types of wearable ink drawings. With the help of such images on the body, the primary people paid their personal tribute and reverence to the gods. In the modern world, some tribes also continue to exist. The leaders of such villages still maintain the tradition of drawing ink symbols on the body. In this way, they continue to pay respect to their ancestors, as well as tribute to the gods.

Today, modern people continue to use this method. Pictures on the body help to reveal the history of their owner, and also turn the skin into a canvas for fine art. Modern methods of tattooing are less painful than those that were a few decades ago. Also, the current generation does not suffer from those diseases that can be obtained due to non-compliance with established sanitary standards. In modern times, there are a large number of different tattoo styles, which will be discussed below.

3D tattoos are a good way to draw attention

Modern tattoo artists are able to turn any image into a three-dimensional object on flat skin. Before a person, a huge assortment of the choice of a picture is revealed, with which he wants to decorate himself. With the help of voluminous tattoos, fine art has reached a whole new level. Now even the most inconspicuous drawings can take on a new look. The three-dimensional image gives the impression that the image is really real. This style is only suitable for those people who really want to stand out from the huge crowd.

Unleashing creativity with annotation

Fans of the art direction should take a closer look at the annotation style. After all, with its help you can lay a hidden meaning in any image. Most often, such work is performed abstractly. The hidden subtext that is hidden in the lines will make the beholder think. Portraits with many eyes, unusual geometric shapes are not always able to convey the hidden meaning. But such an image in any case will make the person considering the tattoo think. With the help of such tattoos, you can conduct various discussions on the topic of the meaning and features of the image.

Make any phrase unique with an ambigram

This style of tattoos allows you to create a unique font that changes the phrase. The new type of letters makes it possible to read the inscription from absolutely any angle. The peak of popularity of ambigrams ended many years ago. In modern times, such a tattoo can surprise many people. Tattoo artists began to create more sophisticated work. This direction reveals the creative potential of the tattoo artist, as well as the customer. New fonts are able to attract a lot of attention.

Anatomical style for lovers of the human body

There is no need to have a specialized medical education in order to evaluate an anatomical tattoo. On the body, you can depict both muscles and bones, as well as important organs of the human body. Most often, this style of tattoo is chosen by people who want to perpetuate the memory of broken bones or torn muscles. It is worth noting that in this way people remind themselves of accidents and other types of diseases. Tattoos can have absolutely incredible and hidden meanings. Some people just love the look of their body's internal organs. In general, there are no semantic restrictions in this style of artwork.

Biomechanical style for true robot fans

Biomechanical tattoo style is suitable for lovers of robots and anything related to mechanics. Fans of the Terminator movies and the Wally cartoon can draw gears, wires, metal parts, and so on on their bodies. All these various mechanisms are artistically interconnected on the surface of human skin. This style is to recreate the desired mechanical arm or leg on the human body. Many people simply dream of somehow touching the culture of technical products of the corresponding mechanisms. Such a tattoo is able to attract the attention of many people.

50 shades of black and gray

Some images are best transferred from a color version to black and gray shades. There are many ideas for dark style tattoos. Many masters work only in black and gray shades. Despite the fact that at first glance the images on the body do not seem colorful, they are able to attract attention.

Combine styles together with blackwork

In ancient times, among different tribes, all tattoos were in the blackout style . For those who are not attracted to tribal themes, it is better to pay attention to blackwork in the period of flourishing postmodernism. This body art direction allows you to combine several styles at once. Such tattoos can decorate a small area of the body. Such works can be a full-fledged composition, which is located on the surface of the entire arm or leg. Blackwork can be combined with other artistic tattoo styles. Such compositions will definitely be able to attract the enthusiastic glances of people passing by. The image in pure black color takes on a completely new look.

An explosion will help change the mind about familiar tattoos

The style is ideal for those people whose color tattoos have lost their original brightness. On the tattoo that needs correction, it is necessary to apply a new drawing in black. This is how the so-called explosion style is created. It is worth noting that absolutely any paint from the color palette goes well with black paint. In order not to update an old and already boring tattoo, you can simply add a new drawing. Thus, a completely new and incredible concept is obtained. This type of body art allows you to add new colors to an old, but very important image.

Broken glass will add new notes to the tattoo

The broken glass effect is not very popular. This style is in demand among fans of gangster showdowns and mini-watches. Despite this, many modern tattoo artists work in this creative direction. You can add this effect to almost any image. This effect can be added even to the oldest tattoo. Broken glass can give new life to even the most hopeless job. It will give new meaning to old work and attract the attention of others. In the future, broken glass may become a particularly popular destination that will be appreciated by many artistic tattoo lovers.

Uniqueness hidden in brush strokes

There is just a huge amount of style variation in strokes. A few years ago, no master could have created such a work. In modern times, with the help of a brush stroke, images of flowers, ships and other objects are conveyed. This type of ink painting can be compared to watercolor images. It differs in that the colors have more saturated shades. Such involuntary movements can give special meaning to an already finished artwork. The main thing is that these strokes do not overlap the main meaning of the ink image.

Celtic tattoo is one of the most popular styles.

The Celtic style tattoo is perfect for lovers of various patterns, lines and curves. At the moment, there are many signs that were on the warriors of the Celtic tribes. Among this extensive range, you can find the perfect image in this style. Various patterns can be combined. This culture does not allow to combine it with other artistic directions. Many tattoo artists already have a catalog of sketches for lovers of the Celtic direction. Celtic drawings can occupy both a separate area of \u200b\u200bthe skin, and a whole limb. Most often, work in this direction is created in the sleeves.

The Chicano style is simply breathtaking.

The Chicano style began to be applied even to the images of the Gods of the great Mount Olympus. In this direction, many drawings can be depicted on the body: from the portrait of the King of the Underworld himself to the Holy image of the Virgin Mary. Modern masters are ready to depict even watches in ink in the Chicano style. A modern assortment of sketches allows you to choose exactly the image that will look perfect on absolutely any body. The cult trend is capturing the attention of an increasing number of body art lovers . True connoisseurs of this trend in art are able to apply huge and voluminous ink compositions to their bodies.

Dotwork is the main star of artistry

Dotwork body images are created using many dots. In this direction, the technique of pouring is not used. Body art in this genre produces several impressions at once. From a distance, the image opens in one light, and close up, the tattoo completely changes its original appearance. An image in this style requires a lot of time to create. Sometimes the creation of a work in this style can last for several sessions. But the finished tattoo will surely delight the people around you.

Geometry is the best way to show love for beauty

Geometric tattoos are created based on simple styles. All images are created using simple geometric shapes that everyone knows about from an early age. This direction helps to reveal the fact that everything is based on simple forms. Masters create masterpieces body art using geometry. Indeed, with the help of figures that at first glance seem simple, you can create voluminous and full-fledged artistic compositions. Such works make you think that from the simplest you can create complex and unusual. It is these compositions that help to stand out among the general crowd.

Challenge reality with a glitch

glitch style tattoo design can be compared to the static on a TV screen. Body art also has a peculiar glitch in the "program". Masters with the help of various lines are able to darken or blur the image. This style shows that looks can be deceiving. The direction of glitches has many other styles that can be attributed to this general group. Such works make you think about the reality of the actual reality. Even the wearer of the glitch -style tattoos himself might wonder about the double meaning of his ink painting. Depending on the effect, the impression of the meaning of the tattoo is created.

Ultraviolet tattoo - a new step in the development of art

Tattoos are done with UV ink. These colors absorb sunlight during the day. At night, such an image begins to glow on the skin. With this direction, you can highlight the contours of the image. Some body art works hide the presence of a new pattern, which is made with ultraviolet paints. Such ink works with luminous elements are especially relevant during summer parties. The owner of such an image will attract the attention of a large number of people around him. In the near future, UV tattoos will be especially popular.

Gradient - the ability to get rid of hard lines

With the help of a gradient tattoo, you can add softness. Colors can be transferred from dark to light and vice versa. This style helps to get rid of the usual and hard lines of the drawing. After all, natural softness is difficult to achieve because clear boundaries limit creative possibilities. It is worth noting that such artistic images need to be updated regularly. Since the color pigment is different in that after a certain time it begins to lose its color features. Correction of images and its individual elements may be necessary at least once every three years.

Graffiti as a way of self-expression

The graffiti style is ideal for those people who do not like to fall into the standard framework. The body can be compared to the wall on which the artist depicts his creation. It is worth remembering that no one will paint over such creative work. The choice of drawing is limited only by the imagination of the author and the owner of the "canvas". The work has no restrictions in the color palette. Also in such a tattoo , you can combine all kinds of images and text messages. Sometimes such work can be combined with other styles of artistic ink painting.

Hyper -realism is always in fashion

Tattoos, which are depicted in a hyper -realistic style, are quite difficult to distinguish from real photographs. Such work makes the viewer think about the realism of his perception. Tattoos in this style can only be performed by experienced craftsmen. After all, a tattoo artist must have exceptional artistic talent and education. Only in this way will he be able to convey the most naturally depicted object. Such work takes a long time. The results in most cases exceed all possible expectations.

Inverted style is the best way to reveal the image in a new way

Reverse style tattoos are very similar to film negatives. The drawing is shown on a black background. This body art is usually done in blue, white and gray colors. The inverted style helps to completely reverse the meaning of the tattoo. For example: from positive to negative. Each ink work is interpreted in a certain way. Each work receives a completely new meaning, which can be safely considered the opposite.

Japanese steel is a tribute to oriental culture

The culture of Japan has found admirers all over the world. Oriental art lovers can decorate their body with Japanese-style ink drawings. There are many ideas for tattoos in this direction. For example: lotus flowers, cherry blossoms, hieroglyphs and so on. Oriental designs are ideal for both single works and whole paintings that are displayed as a sleeve.

Lettering helps convey a personal message

To display the inscription on the body, you can use existing fonts or you can open a new one. Letter design goes with absolutely any style. This combination will create a unique work. With the help of an inscription, you can convey any message to others, or you can constantly remind yourself of something.

tattoo goes back to basics

A line tattoo is done using simple lines. In order to give the tattoo individuality, it is set off with the help of bold highlights and shadows. Many tattoo artists believe that simple works have the deepest meaning. Not always complex drawings can be called a work of art with a deep meaning.

Destructurato is the style of the future

The destructurato style , which is also called mambo , is just beginning to gain its well-deserved popularity. But true connoisseurs of art know that this direction was often found in Japanese tattoos. A simple design is done with black ink. In most cases, the background in the image is done with colored paints. This style came into the world straight from sunny Milan. In Italy they are really known for art.

Mandala style tattoos are the best indicator of patience

The mandala style has been developed over several centuries. With the help of various patterns, drawings and compositions, the best qualities of the media can be emphasized. Masters start work from the middle, and then move to the edge. The mandala style has something in common with meditation.

Mayan style honors the memory of a great tribe

The great Maya tribe existed on the planet for more than three and a half thousand years. These tribes became famous for their individual preference for art. In modern times, Mayan-style tattoos are especially popular. After all, the tribes were famous for their patterns and paintings. Working with ink on the body in this style will help you get a spiritual connection with the great representatives of the past.

Minimalist style proves that brevity is the sister of talent

In the design of minimalist tattoos, simple inscriptions, words, or small images are used. In most cases, the owner's symbols are incomprehensible to the observer. With the help of such tattoos, you can express yourself without attracting too much attention from others. The following concepts are ideally suited to works in the style of minimalism: capacity, brevity, simplicity.

Negative space can change the usual picture

Negative space is easy enough to confuse with an upside-down tattoo. Masters create works that draw public attention to what is not. Instead of an ordinary tree, an artist can depict the space that this plant displays. Not all masters have such subtle techniques.

Neo-traditional style - representative of American classics

The central image in neo-traditional work is the American classic. In order to create a body ink image in this style, it is necessary to frame the picture with clear and thick borders. Art masters help tattoo lovers pay tribute to an old culture with a modern makeover. Often , portraits of Native Americans are depicted in the neo-traditional style.

The new school combines the best of classical traditions in a new style

To create tattoos in a new style, old classic images are combined with graffiti elements. This direction has similar stylistic outlines with the neo-traditional style. The finished work has a bright pattern with reinforced contours. However, there are significant differences between the two directions. Content should be created in a modern style with old notes.

Norwegian destination helps to plunge into the culture of the Vikings

Almost all people will agree with the fact that the Vikings are indeed an incredible nation that requires special reverence. All Scandinavian tattoos are based on the culture and artistic development of the Vikings. Patterns and designs are usually revealed to their fullest on the wearer's sleeves and torso. Such images help to honor the memory of the great warriors.

The best work is done in the American traditional style.

In America, traditional tattoos are images from the past in a classic style. All works that are made in Western traditions are based on legends and various adventure stories of the older generation. Tattoo artists add modern touches to classic paintings. Thus, history is rooted in the present tense.

An optical illusion fully reveals the complexity of the work done

In order to fully experience the complexity of ink art in an optical style, it is necessary to look at the finished image at least twice. Professional tattooists are able to create quite complex paintings. Some works can really make others believe that a person has a hole in some part of the body. Such body art can even give the impression that the leg is carved from wood. Surrounding people really begin to think about whether their visions are true.

Sketches open up the world of modern body art

Sketches help not only to reveal the image in a new way, but also to see how the work will look without fills. Do not be misled. Simple sketches can be equated to full-fledged color works. The main idea of such tattoos is restraint.

Stripes are complex works of simple lines

Body art , which is made in the style of stripes, cannot be called too stunning and breathtaking. The master creates images through the use of simple lines. It is worth noting that the design of such tattoos is distinguished by its complexity. An artist with thin lines needs to create a full-fledged work of art. Differences in angles and line thicknesses open up the possibility of choosing design directions.

Pixel for true fans and connoisseurs of video games

In today's world, the graphics used in next generation video games have an incredible level of high quality. But many gamers still treat eight-bit programs with special warmth. The pixelated body art continues to evoke the first adventures in the world of video games. Such tattoos can be compared with patterns for cross-stitch or beadwork. For the base of the tattoo, there is no need to choose a named game character. It is enough for the master to depict any picture in pixels in order to feel that very nostalgic note.

Pointillism is a breakthrough in the direction of stylization

It can be said for sure that pointillism is the big brother of dotwork . In order to create a work in dotwork art , you need to have tremendous experience. If we talk about pointillism, then the master should be even more professional and experienced. Densely spaced dots create a visual effect of full color saturation. Most often, such works are created exclusively with the help of a black tint. Modern masters can also add several colors from the palette in order to give the image a new look. This direction opens up tremendous possibilities in dimming and mixing effects.

Bright tattoos are possible due to the existence of pop art direction

Andy Warhol became exactly the man who opened the direction of pop art to the whole world. This style is a kind of tribute to pop culture. Pop art is the very art that attracts many admiring glances in museums. In order to create a tattoo in this artistic direction, the image of a popular character from comics, cinema, the music industry, and so on is taken as the basis.

A portrait is one of the best ways to save memory.

Of course, everyone knows about the commandment, which sounds like "do not make yourself an idol." But even this guidance has exceptions. For someone, a completely unknown person can help in a difficult situation. Many people perpetuate the images of musicians, actors and other popular personalities on their bodies. Perhaps this character has become a kind of "helping hand" in a difficult situation. Photos of close relatives can serve as a portrait-style tattoo. Some parents are ready to always wear the face of a child on their body. Only professional craftsmen can perform such work.

A quote is an opportunity to always carry inspiration around.

Most people have a favorite quote or phrase. It might be a good idea to always keep her around. It is recommended that citations be done using simple fonts. If we talk about a single word, then it looks better after high-quality design. If the quote contains a large number of words or several sentences, then the tattoo can be placed on the forearm, shoulder blade, chest.

Silhouette reveal beauty in simplicity

Not every person is ready to decide on a full-fledged portrait. In this case, it is best to think about the image of the silhouette on the body with the help of ink. The beauty of such works is simply amazing. Sometimes shades and some shades from the color palette are added to the silhouettes of the tattoo master. Most often, such images are created using only black. Regardless of the color, silhouette style tattoos look inimitable. Some knowledgeable people say that it is not recommended to apply portraits on the body. Images in this case are the best option.

Sketches can be stunning at first sight.

To get a sketch of a tattoo, you can ask the artists for help. It is enough just to ask him to provide for a while his art album, in which there are only one blanks. Of course, a full and finished image has an unsurpassed appearance. But sketches have their own charm, which is able to create an incredible atmosphere around them. A work that is not considered complete makes you think about many things. After all, there is nothing more mysterious than understatement in the work of the author.

Stained glass is a style that radiates bright light

Tattoos capable of revealing the beauty of stained glass windows with the help of artistic illusion. Black and thick edges are able to create an image of a heavy and powerful metal base. The inner part between these bulky borders is filled with various shades of colored paints. In this way, the ink masters create an illusory image of the glow that real stained glass windows spread. With the help of such tattoos, you can create independent drawings. You can also combine images with other creative mediums into a whole artistic picture.

Surrealism is a great opportunity to depict the world from a different perspective.

The creator of surrealism as an independent art movement is Salvador Dali. Tattoo artists decided that this direction should also take pride of place in their activities. To create an image in this style, you need to add elements of quirkiness to it. Surrealist works really make you think about what went wrong after all.

Torn skin is one of the most popular types of optical illusion.

The tattoo, which is made in the style of torn skin, makes you reveal the details hidden from the whole world. In order for the effect to be as incredible as possible, images are created on voluminous areas of the skin. Breaks under the skin can hide mechanical elements, images of predators and other incredible pictures. To perform work in this style, the tattoo artist and his client must spend quite a long time period.

Trash polka is a bold decision for lovers of self-expression

The artistic direction called trash polka originates in Germany. Creative personalities decided to create an individual and unique style. Each work is considered unique. This direction is a symbiosis of classical realism and unusual components. Trash polka is characterized by strokes, spots and even words. This is how an incredible style is created. Professional tattoo artists know that original work is done with a combination of black and red colors.

Tribal style is a popular trend associated with historical motifs.

Sincere connoisseurs of tribal life are trying to perpetuate the memory of them. Tattoos that are done in a tribal style are most often based on the Hawaiian, Indonesian culture. This direction is also called Maori. Since it is based on the culture of this tribe. Such tattoos have a lot of positive and distinctive features. One of these advantages is the ability to cover small areas of the body with drawings, as well as completely cover the skin.

Watercolor is the best representation of inner softness

Artistic watercolor direction has its own unique features. First of all, this direction is distinguished by its incredible tenderness. Most often, using this technique, a so-called substrate is created. And on top of this most delicate image, the main pattern with clear edges is superimposed. Most often, the surface image is created in black colors.

In order to create an image in watercolor technique, artistic tattoo artists mix several shades. It is worth noting that such works are most often performed in pastel colors.

The use of white ink is a godsend for lovers of something unusual

White ink tattoos are something unusual in today's society. If the consumer has too light skin, then snow-white ink will not stand out on its surface. A white shade is applied to the canvas, which is made with black paint. Thus, a subtle effect appears on the tattoos. More and more modern tattoo artists combine white lines with other shades of the color palette in their work.

Wood carving is one of the most unusual types of optical illusion.

Wood carving creates an unusual effect on the surface of the skin. The viewer may get the impression that the body part is a tree. Unusual drawings are created on the tree. Thus, the work is more impressive. All the efficiency of the work lies in shading and highlighting the surface of the skin. A tattoo with the effect of wood carving looks most advantageous on limbs such as arms and legs. Most often, this work is done in black and white.

With special responsibility, it is necessary to approach the choice of a master for creating a tattoo. It is necessary to learn about the tattoo artist's ability to perform complex technologies. In advance, you need to decide on the style of the future artistic tattoo. Do not rely on current trends. The image on the body will have to be seen daily. It should be enjoyable, not uncomfortable. First of all, the style should correspond to personal individual preferences. Do not forget that many styles can be combined with each other. A tattoo should not please others, it should bring pleasure to its owner.